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Plastic-free snack boxes containing high-quality plant-based treats. Whatever the occasion, we will have the right snack box for you!

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" Bought as a birthday present for a friend. She was very impressed with the quantity, variety and eco-friendliness. Very pleased with this buy. "

Leyla, Etsy


" All of the snacks in this box taste amazing and I like the fact that everything is plastic free as well. It makes it a lot better that I can recycle everything.
I shared this box with family and they also loved it and said that the snacks were super tasty as well! "


Charlotte, Etsy


" Fab snack box - it's often hard to find these plastic-free, vegan items in regular shops so it was a delight to be able to order one online. Really fast service! "

Claire, Etsy


As a company, we want to help fight climate change and plastic pollution by making the sustainable choice an easy one. Every product in our snack-boxes comes from brands that practice ethical and sustainable processes. We believe in the power of supply and demand, and that by promoting these brands, the sustainable processes they observe will grow and become more widespread. 


Our Guarantee: 

  • We are plastic-free. This means that, for all of the snacks in our boxes, the wrapper can either be placed in paper recycling or the home compost! Our boxes will include a clear guide on how to dispose of all the packaging included. 

  • All of the products we sell are plant-based and cruelty-free

  • The boxes we use are made from recycled cardboard and will be fully recyclable.   

  • To ensure we are being transparent with our own trade practices, our full supply chain can be viewed on our website. 

  •  For each box we sell, we will off-set enough CO2 to cover roughly 500 miles of delivery. We're covering more than the average road miles for a box to make up for the large error that comes with any carbon footprint calculation.   

  • We have personally vetted each of the products included in our box against a number of ethical and environmental principles, which can be found below. 

Our Ethical and Environmental Principles: 

Here are some of the factors we consider when deciding which brands to include in our snack box.  

  • Plant-based: All of the products in our box are 100% vegan. Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions and uses roughly 70% of agricultural land, it is also a leading cause of deforestation, biodiversity loss and water pollution. These are just a few of many reasons why promoting plant-based products is a priority for us. 

  • Packaging: Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the oceans and then slowly degrades into microplastics - harming the environment, wildlife, and us. The products we include are packaged in materials than can either be placed in a home compost (food waste bin) or can be put in paper recycling. None of our products or packaging contains plastic! 

  • Road miles: We've looked at where ingredients in our snack box are sourced - avoiding those which require airfreight and prioritising those which are local. For each box we sell, we off-set the carbon dioxide that would be released for 500 miles of delivery. This is more than the average road miles for a box, we've done extra to account for the large error in carbon footprint calculations.  

  • Energy source: Some of the products we include are from brands that use renewable energy - a great way to make their business more sustainable and a strong incentive for us to promote them! 

  • Charity work: We look for suppliers who are pro-active in giving back to communities and the environment, this is often through partnership with charities working hard to do good. 

  • Fairtrade: We look for the brands that pay a fair-trade price for their ingredients.  

  • Organic: Organic farming encourages better biodiversity, disease resilience, and soil condition; it also reduces water contamination and erosion. Hence why we're on the lookout for products made with no herbicides and pesticides!    


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We are Adam and Maddy, the founders of EarthlyKind. We’re both active and love the convenience of individually packaged snacks you can take on the go, but being environmentally conscious means using a lot of plastic packaging is a big no-no. 
We know that avoiding plastic isn’t easy, especially when it comes to plant-based snacks. The two of us like the convenience of having a handy energy bar on a long hike, or tucking into a packet of crisps in front of the telly, but the compostable options in supermarkets are frustratingly limited. That’s why we decided to do some digging, find the best sustainable brands out there, and bring them together into one box, delivered straight to your door.

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